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We focus on your needs and your success
We believe that the rewards from gaining even a very partial insight into the future can be very substantial for people. As such, we are dedicated to bringing Predictive Analytics to you. It is a combination of highly sophisticated techniques, algorithms and models that is used to find relationships within data and enables you to act on the findings. It holds significant appeal from a decision-making perspective.

Our prospect is to move forward on this vision, assisting you in improving your analytic prowess. Our quality of our product and support towards your concerns reflect an attempt to totally satisfy you.

Background on NOXA
We have been developing predictive models throughout the last decade, with the idea of turning raw market data into essential decision-making information. Knowledge-Discovery algorithms were designed to identify patterns of behavior that suggest what events equities might respond to in the future. We realized that this technology could furnish investors with the capability to generate the critical insight they need today to better compete with global players.

As such, we founded Noxa Analytics, Inc. with one goal in mind: helping people benefit from predictive analytic technologies.

Our current flagship product is a suite of add-ons to the Ward Systems Group® Inc Neuroshell Trader® and Equis MetaStock® Product lines. We believe that this combination of products opens a whole new world of possibilities in trading with artificial intelligence.

What sets Noxa Analytics apart from the rest is its capability to keep stride with technology advances, along with the ability to embed fully optimized algorithms into the best trading platforms available today.